Nashville Addiction Recovery offers the best intensive outpatient program in Nashville with a dedicated team of behavioral therapists and physicians. Our IOP treatment program allows our clients to strike the right balance between everyday responsibilities and addiction therapy.

What is IOP treatment?

IOP or intensive outpatient treatment refers to in-depth addiction treatment and care offered to recover addicts on an outpatient basis. You will partake in substance abuse therapies at an addiction treatment center in Nashville for anywhere from 15 – 18 hours each week.

It offers the second-best level of care after inpatient rehab and is ideal for those who cannot afford residential programs. Besides, if you suffer from a mild to moderate addiction disorder, IOP programs can help you overcome your behavioral and mental health disorder. As one of the best addiction centers for IOP treatment, we offer unsurpassed care at affordable prices.

Is IOP treatment right for me?

IOP treatment may be best for you if you have a busy schedule and cannot commit to residential treatment. You can manage mental health and addiction treatment and everyday responsibilities simultaneously with the IOP program.

Also, if you are looking for a step-down level of care after residential rehab, IOP may be your best bet. It offers structure and creates accountability while also providing you with the freedom to stay at home. If you have a stress-free environment at home and wish to heal and recover with the love and support of your loved ones, signing up for the IOP program at a leading addiction treatment center in Nashville can help you get sober and achieve your wellness goals.

IOP treatment vs. inpatient rehab

IOP treatment refers to receiving in-depth addiction care and support on an outpatient basis. IOP may be ideal for those diagnosed with a mild to moderate addiction disorder. If you have a family to support or a busy job schedule and cannot take time off from work, IOP may be your best route to getting sober. It offers the next best level of care after residential rehab and immerses you in a broad range of individual and group therapies, counseling sessions, and support group meetings. IOP drug and alcohol treatment in Nashville is much cheaper than residential programs.

On the other hand, inpatient rehab refers to staying at a residential facility for anywhere from 30 – 90 days as a clinical team helps you get sober. It offers the highest level of care, providing you with an immersive healing experience. Inpatient treatment at one of the rehab facilities in Nashville can be much costlier than IOP programs as it includes the cost of a stay, food, medications, etc. Besides, inpatient rehab is best for those battling a severe or long-term drug or alcohol abuse problem. Speak to a competent addiction specialist to help you choose the right treatment option for your recovery.

Do not wait any longer to break free from your behavioral disorders. Call us at 615-753-7966 to sign up for our intensive outpatient program in Nashville. Nashville Addiction Recovery is a top-rated rehab for IOP treatment with the lowest relapse rates. We can help you get clean, regain control over your career, relationships, and life, and equip you with critical coping skills for a healthy and sober life. Get in touch with us today.

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