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Cocaine Detox in Nashville, TN

Nashville Addiction Recovery is a top-tier cocaine addiction treatment center, offering outpatient cocaine detox and rehab services. After years of experience with cocaine rehab treatment, we know that while cocaine may cause you to feel euphoric and alert when taking the drug, use of this stimulant is associated with negative consequences that outweigh the “high” and are potentially lethal.

Cocaine increases the level of dopamine in your brain. Since this chemical is associated with pleasure, your brain function begins to change if used frequently. You may become dependent on cocaine to achieve this euphoria, resulting in addiction.

Internally, cocaine use can lead to tears of the gastrointestinal tract, ulcerations, increased risk of contracting infectious diseases, aortic ruptures, and inflammation of the heart muscle. When you are ready to claim your life and health back, our cocaine detox and rehab center in Nashville is here to help.

Cocaine Effects on your Brain

A cocaine addiction can also have damaging effects on your brain. Regular cocaine use increases your risk of stroke and seizures and can cause bleeding within the brain and movement disorders. More readily apparent effects on the brain include:

Cocaine Effects on your body

There are a number of ways cocaine can adversely affect your functioning. Some of the more noticeable effects of regular cocaine use on the body include:

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Cocaine Withdrawal

Along with experiencing intense cravings for cocaine, some of the effects of cocaine withdrawal include:

Cocaine addiction treatment: Achieving long-term recovery

As a first-rate cocaine addiction treatment clinic in Nashville, we offer outpatient cocaine detox and rehab services. After detox, behavioral therapy techniques have proven to be some of the most effective treatment options for cocaine addiction. This is because they tackle both cocaine abuse and mental health, providing tools to maintain lifelong sobriety.

If you or a loved one are struggling with a cocaine addiction contact the concierge doctors at our cocaine addiction treatment center in Nashville to discuss a treatment plan.

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