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The concept of addiction recovery is so vast that it can be difficult to determine where and how to begin your journey. If you desire sober living, and are searching for a partner in addiction recovery in Nashville, Tennessee, we offer the best private outpatient drug rehab program in Nashville – all supervised by board-certified physicians. Nashville Addiction Recovery founder, Dr. Starner Jones, is a graduate of Addiction Medicine Fellowship at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and provides 24-hour concierge medical expertise during acute detox. Following detox, Nashville Addiction Recovery develops a personalized sober living plan as part of lifelong recovery.

Important Things To Know About Addiction Recovery

We understand how overwhelming it can be to start drug and alcohol addiction recovery. To make you feel more at ease and confident in your decision, and to help you succeed in recovery, we encourage you to keep these important concepts in mind.


Recovery Is Not One-Size-Fits-All

If you are looking for an answer on what to expect from addiction recovery, you will almost always come across the same correct response: It looks different for everyone. Everything from your lifestyle to the substance you have developed an addiction to, to your mental health, can affect addiction recovery. The addiction recovery and sober living experts at our outpatient drug rehab clinic in Nashville perform a thorough assessment on every patient we treat. This informs a personalized addiction treatment plan that encourages successful recovery.


Focus On The Long-term During Short-term Work Is Crucial

While it’s not healthy to dwell on the possibility of relapse during recovery, it is important that short-term work in treatment holds up when pursuing long-term recovery. This will help prevent relapse.


Be Open-minded To Various Forms Of Therapy Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Family Therapy, And Alcoholics Anonymous Are Often Useful Additions To Any Recovery Plan.

To learn more about how Dr. Jones at Nashville Addiction Recovery can help you tackle addiction recovery and achieve long-term sober living, call our Nashville clinic today.

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Dr. Jones will ensure you have a good understanding of addiction effects and the importance of seeking treatment with a board-certified physician for drug and alcohol detox.