Our Outpatient Program at Nashville Addiction Recovery

For patients who complete IOP or PHP the next stage of care is an outpatient program. Our outpatient program is designed to be a continuation of the first step towards sober, independent living. It is designed for those who no longer require acute or subacute medical management or supervision. At our outpatient rehab in Nashville TN, outpatient program includes medical management, meetings, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Relapse Prevention.

At our Outpatient Rehab in Nashville TN, therapy may be used in the following contexts:

Individual therapy provides an opportunity for patients to meet with their counselor to receive support and explore issues that may prevent them from living sober lives. The number of therapy sessions is determined collaboratively by each patient and counselor.

Family therapy allows family members to reunite and have a chance to enhance their ability to bond and support each other. Family therapy sessions are led by a family therapist and are available as needed. Families are welcome to take advantage of our weekly family education and intensive family program events.

Group therapy is an important part of treatment at Nashville Addiction Recovery. Morning and afternoon group therapy sessions are led by members of our skilled clinical team. Process groups and psychoeducational groups are offered daily.

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