Our concierge rehab doctor in Nashville offers unsurpassed addiction care and support to individuals battling substance abuse disorders. Nashville addiction recovery center treats substance abuse disorders with flexible schedules, 24/7 medical care, and advanced treatments. Here are some of the benefits of our concierge addiction treatment:

  • 24/7 phone access

With concierge mental health and addiction treatment medicine, you can contact your doctor any time of the day. You will have the direct contact information of your primary care physician, providing you with more personable care than the traditional addiction treatment. Not to mention, the ability to access your doctor 24/7 via the telephone can feel reassuring, providing you with much-needed peace of mind. I

  • Same-day appointments

One of the many benefits of concierge rehab facilities in Nashville is same-day appointments. As a recovering addict, you no longer have to worry about scheduling an appointment well in advance. You can book your appointment on short notice, providing you with convenient and worry-free health care.

  • Preventative health and wellness services

A traditional addiction treatment center in Nashville may address and treat your substance abuse disorder only after encountering a problem. With concierge care, your physician will take preventative measures and offer services to prevent health issues from arising in the future. Our concierge drug and alcohol treatment in Nashville detects health problems and psychiatric illnesses early on and treats them with preventative measures before they worsen.

  • Short waiting times

Concierge care is convenient, preventing you from having to spend endless hours waiting at a treatment center. Concierge treatment centers not only offer same-day appointments but allow you to see the doctor as and when you arrive at the facility as well. If you have a demanding job or a rigid schedule, concierge addiction treatment services are the way to go. Our services allow you to manage work, family commitments, and addiction therapy simultaneously.

  • Personalized health care

Not even the best addiction centers can guarantee personalized health care services at a treatment center. Our concierge doctors provide you with the highest quality care and support in recovery. Your concierge treatment provider can address all your concerns and create a customized treatment plan to address your unique recovery needs and wellness goals.

  • Options for in-home and virtual recovery

Concierge services focus on helping you attain comprehensive recovery from your behavioral disorders. As a leading concierge addiction treatment center, we understand how not all our patients can come to our facility for addiction treatments and therapies. Our treatment providers make house calls, making it more convenient for our recovering addicts to receive the care they need. Our specialists also meet our patients virtually and answer their questions and medical queries over the phone or through video conferencing.

Contact 615-753-7966 to book a consultation with our concierge rehab doctor in Nashville. Nashville Addiction Recovery can help you achieve sobriety and improved mental wellness within a short duration. While change can be hard to embrace, our supportive and tranquil environment can help you begin on the right foot towards sobriety.

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