Addiction Recovery Nashville

Nashville Addiction Recovery is a pioneer drug and alcohol detox facility with excellent alcohol and drug detoxification programs. Our center for addiction recovery in Nashville offers a broad range of treatment services, such as:

  • Medical detox

We offer customized medical detoxification treatment in a state-of-the-art facility with a dedicated and experienced team of physicians, RNs, and therapists. Our detox programs help reduce your withdrawal symptoms and optimize your chances of attaining a safe and speedy recovery. Our luxury addiction treatment center in Nashville offers a comfortable and sophisticated environment, ideal for healing and recovery.

  • Depression treatment

We have a competent and trained team of behavioral therapists and psychiatrists at our mental health and addiction treatment center to address and treat co-occurring disorders. Alongside drug and alcohol treatment in Nashville, we also treat depression and other forms of mental disorders. Our program allows recovering addicts to learn and adopt new coping skills for healthier and sober living moving forward.

Some of the core therapies we use to treat depression include cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, and interpersonal therapy. Rated as one of the best addiction centers for depression treatment, we help our recovering addicts overcome their psychiatric disorders with individual and group therapies, family therapy, and couples therapy programs.

  • IV infusions

We offer IV infusions to promote wellness, speed up recovery, boost energy levels, and reduce the intensity of the withdrawal symptoms. Administering a blend of vitamins and electrolytes through IV infusion can hydrate the body, reduce withdrawal symptoms, and ensure a speedy recovery. NAD or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide IV infusions are highly successful in treating addiction disorders. NAD is a natural co-enzyme of niacin, which promotes energy production in the cells in the human body. Administering lab-produced NAD through IV infusion helps boost the chemical levels in your body, assists with brain function, promotes DNA repair and corrects the signals between molecules for cellular communication.

  • Crisis intervention

As one of the renowned rehab facilities in Nashville, we use crisis intervention as a short-term management technique to reduce permanent damages linked to the addiction. A crisis can be an overwhelming event, such as a divorce, the passing of a loved one, or the discovery of a life-threatening health condition, etc. Our therapists conduct a successful intervention by obtaining background information from the recovering addict, establishing a positive relationship with them, listening to their insecurities, and providing emotional support.

  • Medication-assisted therapy

While our facility uses a combination of psychotherapies, holistic wellness programs, and medical detox to address and treat addiction, we also minimize the pain and discomfort of recovering addicts with medications. Medications stabilize your body and mind and help your stay committed to sobriety in the long term.

  • Mental health evaluation

Every addiction disorder stems from an underlying mental health issue, such as anxiety, depression, PTSD, etc. Our psychiatric team offers a comprehensive mental health evaluation to identify and treat the root cause of your substance abuse disorder.

Call us at 615-753-7966 to verify your insurance with Nashville Addiction Recovery. We guide individuals battling substance abuse disorders towards addiction recovery in Nashville with a customized treatment approach. Get in touch with us.

Addiction Recovery Nashville

Nashville Addiction Recovery

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