Why Choose Our Drug & Alcohol Detox Program?

For many people, detoxification or detox is the first step in a substance use treatment program. Detox is necessary because of how a person’s body responds to drug use. With chronic drug use the body changes how it functions to accommodate a substance. After alcohol and drug use stops, the body needs time to readjust and learn to function without alcohol or drugs. The process of readjustment is known as withdrawal and can be an extremely unpleasant experience. Without proper medical management, withdrawal may be fatal. Detox is best managed by a licensed medical doctor who leads a dedicated of team of professionals.

In addition to unpleasant side-effects another risk of withdrawal is relapse. Because withdrawal results from a cessation of substance use, one of the easiest ways to deal with withdrawal symptoms is to use the drug again. People who try to quit using drugs are often unable to do so by themselves because the pressure to reuse during withdrawal is too great.

At Nashville Addiction Recovery, we have many years of experience helping people in acute medical settings. The caring team in our practice consists of our founder and medical director who is a board-certified emergency medicine physician and received subspecialty training in Addiction Medicine at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, certified paramedics, emergency medical technicians and registered nurses, all ready to help each patient through withdrawal.

What To Expect During Detoxification at Nashville Addiction Recovery

During detox, our medical staff continuously monitors each patient to alleviate symptoms of withdrawal, and our caring, attentive staff is available 24 hours per day to ensure the safety of each person entrusted to our care. Patients are encouraged to attend individual and group therapy as part of recovery. Detox at Nashville Addiction Recovery typically lasts 5 days depending on the length and intensity of the person’s withdrawal syndrome.

Once a person completes detox, we encourage each patient to continue treatment in one of our inpatient or outpatient programs to develop skills and confidence that promote lifelong sobriety.

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