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Substance use refers to a wide spectrum of behaviors, from occasional misuse of alcohol or recreational drugs to ongoing use of these substances. People who use alcohol or other drugs risk developing addiction that can destroy a person’s life as well as family members. Euphoric effects of drug use may result in greater frequency of use as well as tolerance that leads to a desire for higher doses with each exposure. Once addiction sets in, substance use is difficult to manage without professional help.

Nashville Addiction Recovery is the premier provider of addiction treatment for men and women in Tennessee and a leading provider of treatment services in the United States. At our private drug rehab in Nashville TN, we offer life-changing care that combats the viciousness of substance abuse and addiction head-on. We understand devastating effects of addiction as part of the disease and that self-destructive behavior impacts families as much as the individual who struggles with addiction.

Nashville Addiction Recovery offers you and your family a second chance to reclaim your life from substance use once and for all.


Helping a Loved One Get Treatment For Addiction

A concerned friend, spouse, partner, or other loved one may feel at a loss for what you can do to help a person with addiction. Best efforts to help your loved one get the care he or she may have failed in the past.

Nashville Addiction Recovery has established itself as the industry leader in relapse prevention. Our proven technique involves one-on-one care tailored to the specific needs of the patient by our founder and medical director, Dr. Jones, who meets with each patient during daily appointments in the home, a luxury hotel or at our clinic in Nashville.

Our drug treatment in Nashville provides a professional, non-judgmental setting for patients and family members. This approach is conducive to recovery, because addiction can happen to anyone and any family, anytime.

Types of Treatment Offered at Nashville Addiction Recovery for Addiction

Programs offered at Nashville Addiction Recovery employ advanced and effective treatment protocols. We structure treatment so that patients receive a full spectrum of services under one roof. In choosing our plan to recover from a substance use, the following types of treatment are among those available to you so that you can learn to make the changes needed to achieve your each one of your recovery goals:

Inpatient detoxification: Long-term abuse of certain substances can cause a person’s body to become dependent on them. When this is the case, detox services become an important step in the recovery process. Our inpatient detoxification is medically monitored and allows patients to clear alcohol and drugs, so they can participate in our rehab program.

Individual therapy: Nashville patients are assigned a primary counselor upon admission to our center and will be able to meet with this staff member as requested by the patient or as recommended by our team. We believe that those looking to defeat an addiction can greatly benefit from one-on-one time with a counselor, as these meetings can be a time to process feelings and emotions, set present and future goals, and talk through any experienced had while in our care.

Group therapy: Those who are battling an addiction often suffer through their addiction alone. At Nashville Addiction Recovery, however, patients are part of a community that is united in the front against substance abuse and addiction. Group therapy sessions, where men and women truly feel that sense of community, are integral to the care we offer at our Concierge Drug Rehab in Nashville, TN.

Therapeutic Modalities at Nashville Addiction Recovery include:

It may be difficult to assess the extent of physical dependence on Adderall. You may be tempted to abruptly end your use of the drug. However, because Adderall is a stimulant, a non-medically supervised detox will result in an uncomfortable “crash”. This withdrawal can include dangerous consequences, especially if you are a heavy user, and closely monitored Adderall withdrawal treatment from a local Nashville physician is required.

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