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A sober living home is a facility that serves as an intermediate space between a rehab facility and life outside the facility. Most patients struggle with post-rehab life. So a sober living home provides a space for patients to reinforce all they learned during rehab before they take on the world again.

Although it might not have the same structure as the inpatient facility, it has a relaxed yet regimented pattern that helps patients gradually get adjusted to living sober lives after rehab. To a large extent, these homes have been the difference between folks staying sober after rehab and having a relapse.

What to Expect In a Sober Living Home

Sober living homes give their residents some measure of freedom as they can come and go as they please. That is not to say that there are no house rules and that the residents can do as they please. Rather, residents are expected to attend group meetings and stick to curfews.

This blend of freedom and structure allows them to take care of their everyday responsibilities and gently ease back into normal life. The idea is to give the residents the accountability, structure, and support they need to make the leap to a life of sobriety while helping them avoid the isolation and confusion that comes with post-rehab life.

Why Sober Living Homes Are Such A Great Idea

Sober living homes are essentially transitional homes that can supplement recovery from addiction. They are similar to everyday life, and so they allow the residents to practice living sober lives before they get into the “real world”.

A sober living home allows residents to get their lives on track through the following ways:

  • Repairing any broken relationships
  • Getting a new home
  • Getting a new job
  • Gaining admission into an institution
  • Identifying and avoiding triggers
  • Learning healthy behavior and coping skills

When Should You Move Into A Sober Living Home

It is a great idea to move into a sober living home if you are not confident about staying sober after you have finished a treatment program at an inpatient facility. You can stay at a sober living home for at least 90 days. If you need alcoholism treatment in Nashville, there are a lot of outpatient drug rehab facilities that you could consult for directions.


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Sober Living Nashville

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